Sacramento Mexican Food

One of the things I really love about Sacramento, my second hometown, is all of the Mexican food that is available here. We have some great places here from different regions of Mexico, and some of it is out of this world. Because there are only two or three other blogs that discuss this topic on the whole web, I thought I’d add my two cents.

Because this is not really a “restaurant review” site, I’ve decided to avoid discussing places that I really dislike. Most of the places that I go have that family-run feeling, and I’m personally not interested in injuring a family’s earning potential. I figure that if the place sucks, the public will find out on it’s own, and the restaurant will close. In the meantime the proprietor will hopefully learn what they are doing wrong, and will get it right the next time. Anything I do to shorten the learning period may harm that process, and would probably make me feel like an ass, so I ain’t gonna do it.

On the other hand, I have also decided not to review a place until I have eaten there at least three times (which is another reason I won’t be discussing bad places; because I won’t go to them more than once). Mexican restaurants are notorious for adding menu items that are nothing more than repackaged versions of other menu items (consider the difference between a carnitas burrito, carnitas tacos, carnitas quesadillia, etc, and you will understand what I mean), but not all of them do this. Before I tell you why a place is great, I should know why myself, and be able to articulate those reasons. At least that’s the way I feel about it. When describing your feelings about something you had better be able to explain why its good or why it’s bad, otherwise your opinion is meaningless; in that case it’s rooted in indescribable personal feelings, and has no value to others, and should not be broadcast. That’s a personal standard, and I hope you, gentle reader, get it.

My first review will be going up soon. Hope it helps.