I accept review copies of books, and should you choose to mail me something, I thank you very much. I will take new publications and reprint books. I prefer SF and zombie books, but will on occasion accept other horror and some fantasy titles – practically nothing else. I prefer novels but will consider anthologies and collections. I will not accept any books published by a vanity publisher – you guys know who you are. If you play games with me and fool me into accepting a vanity publication, I will ignore you when you become a real author. Small press books are welcome, of course, subject to pre-approval. Contact me at my e-mail address here and I will send you my postal address. All books will need to be shipped postage paid to California. My acceptance of a book for reading does not guarantee a review. I don’t review books unless I am able to complete the entire thing. If I don’t finish it I will try to get it into the hands of someone who will, but under no circumstances will I ever return it. It may take months for me to get a review up (ARC’s will get priority), so please don’t bug me by asking when the review will go up. Reviews may be cross posted around the web, so please ask if you have any concerns about this.