Prison Blues

Here is an interesting blog article about prisoner’s use of genre fiction. I guess there are a few locked up hopeless romantics out there! Tho a part of me wonders if the only other SFF books in that prison are, like, KJA novels. I think that would drive me to Stephanie Meyer too. Perhaps the Twilight books are just a bit more escapist then other books in the prison’s collection. I’ve never read any of them (though I will admit to watching parts of the films on HBO – they can be spotted immediately on a random pass through with the remote), but they certainly seem to have struck a moody, smouldering note with children and adults alike. But I gotta wonder what part of the dark soul of a high-security convict is soothed by the angst-soaked melancholy of Edward and Bella’s chaste intensity. Where can the release possibly be?

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