I have another blog site called The Law & Science Fiction that I am particularly proud of, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt having two blogs to update.  I wind up ignoring that one for this one.  To solve the problem I’m moving all those posts over here for good.  I’ll probably leave that blog up as an archive, and will continue to add legal articles here as I write them.  The post below was from one of the WordPress “Pages” that I had on that other site. 

If you want to find the legal content, go to the “Categories” drop-down where you will see all the old tags.  Click “Law” to see all of the articles, or pick the issue you want to see more about. 

As for this post, I know the mash-up word I made is kind of stupid (I also used to call the law blog a “blawg” too.  Cute, isn’t it?), but it’s a combination of “lawyers” and “authors.” I promise to take it down when I think of something else that doesn’t sound so dumb, but at the time it took up only a tiny amount of real estate on the top bar of that blog. Here are a few authors who are (or were; some are dead, some are alive) attorneys:

Charles Harness
Joe Hensley
Melinda Snodgrass
Joseph Delaney*
Lisa Mason*

A number of authors also deal frequently with legal issues, but are not themselves attorneys. Ill add to this list, and the list above, as I become aware of them:

Isaac Asimov
Robert Sawyer
Robert Silverberg

*Special thanks to Randy Stafford for pointing out that these two are attorneys.

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