Is It Banned Book Week, Again?

I swear it feels like they do this a few times per year. Wasn’t I just reading about banned books on everyone’s blog a few months ago? And really, are there so many banned books out there that it takes multiple years to blog about them? It’s getting a little ridiculous hearing about this every year like clockwork, especially when he average blogger does nothing more than give a list of formerly banned books, and maybe laments the stupidity of the banning agency. I mean, come on guys! There are enormous social, legal and moral issues behind the banning of books, and nobody ever says “boo!” about them. Take this list here. Some of these books I’ve never even heard of, but others are important to the American Experience that PBS is always going on and on about. Before you make your next list, Blogosphere, think about how different your life and understanding of our culture would have been if any of these books had not been a part of your lives (well, at the last six or so).

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