New blog!

Those of you who have been here before can tell that the Book Review pages now have a radically different form. My brother and I have been working for a long time on this upgrade, and while things are different, we are nowhere near finished yet.

You still have all the features from the old site, including the search capabilities. In fact, once you look around a bit you will realize that the old board has actually been mated with a blog, rather then replaced by it. So all of those board features that made the OBR different are still there. With a little patience you will see them actually expand soon, just as the interface that runs them is simplified. Just look up top under the blog’s title and you will see all the familiar links.

And just so you know, the Spartan look is temporary. It’ll disappear just as soon as I can get someone with a sense of style to take a look at this for me. The reason for the change is so that users have the ability to comment, and so that I have an easier time linking with other bloggers, but nobody here thinks that black on white is the best way to do that. Hope you enjoy my new little home. Be sure to keep an eye open for more changes in the future! Please feel free to comment whenever and wherever you like!

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